Meeting Rooms

Available by the hour or day.
For Flow members only.

From small rooms to large boardrooms, we have meeting spaces in all shapes and sizes.

Logitech Rally Bar

Logitech Sight

Logitech Scribe

Logitech Tap IP

All rooms have been optimized for remote collaboration featuring state-of-the-art amenities such 360 camera, live whiteboard sharing and TV. Includes Ultra-fast Wi-Fi, office supplies, & beverages.

Designed for
absolute silence


Our meeting rooms are designed with best-in-class soundproofing featuring insulated walls, and double-paned glass to ensure maximum privacy. Noise levels are kept below 40 dB, creating a highly confidential and distraction-free environment for your sensitive discussions and focused meetings.

How to Get Started


Join our Membership

Meeting Rooms are available for active Flow members only. Sign up for our Flexible Desk membership or Private Suite membership to get access. To sign up, contact us at


Book on our App or Website

Once your membership is activated, you can access our booking platform through the Flow app.